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I'm classy, educated, and smart. I love to have enjoyable and
pleasurable times in the company of select people.

If you want a waif thin model with a Barbie looks, don't waste your
time. I'm not for you.

I'm a mature minded woman....a classy, smart, playful and sensual
brunette with greenish eyes and a full voluptious body.

I am not your regular adult companion, I belong to a special niche
where I am one of the best...these are not my own words but what is on
hundreds of reviews posted about me in many sites.

I am an explorer of bodies & souls...I can unlock secret places with my
total dominance of exquisite languages...I have the experience & skills
to take you to a place you never been before.

Please take a bit of time and surf around my site...view my galleries,
calendar, videos.

If you're interested in contacting me, please e-mail or call me at (856) 308-6079.