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Every week I spend a few days in NYC offering incalls from my
nice clean and cozy studio.

My place is located in Midtown West (around 48th and 8th), an
easy walk from any of the nice hotels located in the Times
Square area. 

I am a French specialist, and besides my famous French skills, 
I also offer other delightful and sinful activities.

When booking your appointment, please let me know what session you
want so I have plenty of time to get ready for you.

For my "frequent flyers", your oral donations are grandfathered!

On weekends and in NYC only (Saturdays and Sundays) I offer my
popular 45 minutes of oral bliss for a cool 100! The best rate
for those who are a little short of cash but have loaded energy!

Donations for my Famous French
** 150 for one half hour (one or two releases)
** 200 for one hour (multiple releases)
** 300 for one and a half hours (multiple releases)

Donations for Full Menu with Basic languages
(multiple FS with French, Russian, Asian)
** 250 for one hour
** 350 for one hour and a half hours
** 450 for two hours 

Donations for Full Menu with ALL languages
(multiple FS with French, Russian, Asian and Greek)
** 350 for one hour
** 450 for one hour and a half hours
** 550 for two hours 

Many things can be added to make your session more pleasurable.
When you request your appointment, please let me know if you want:
** Prostate Stimulation
** The use of toys, rings, velcro bed or the liberator
** Asian and Greek (it may not be on the menu for everyone)

For the guys who need a bit more of attention due to dysfunctions, either PE or ED I have a special session just for you.
I have the natural skills to help you achieve intense pleasure without the use of any prescription or over the counter drugs.
I am patient, caring and very focused providing you with what you thought to be impossible. I will show you simple effective techniques that will help you get more self control.
These are one hour long French sessions (sorry no half hours are available)
"Special Needs" Donation (for PE = Premature Ejaculation)
** 200 for one hour
"Special Needs" Donation (for ED = Erectile Dysfunction)
** 200 for one hour
If you want to make an appointment, please mail to: Also, you can call me at (856) 308-6079. Hope to see you!!! xoxoxo Betty (all gifts or donations are for time and companionship only)